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If you want updates about forthcoming releases, please subscribe to my mailing list below. I won't spam or bombard you. It will rely on me remembering to send one, so you should be safe.
I am taking a break from social media. My resolution for 2020 was to live in the real world and with real people, and I enjoyed it so much that I've decided to make it a permanent thing. Social media is so draining, in terms of time and spirit. If there are any accounts that purport to be me, they aren't and please ignore them.
Just to help out, here are some frequently asked questions:
Q: At the end of Fallen Idols, there is the first chapter of a book called The Painter Man, but I can't find it anywhere.
A: The Painter Man was the working title of my second book at the time Fallen Idols went to print. By the time it came out, however, the title had been changed to Lost Souls.
Q: The excerpt from the "next book" at the end of Dead Silent does not match the one that followed, Cold Kill.
A: My pet hate is excerpts at the end of a book. As a reader, it fools me as to when a book will finish. As a writer, it means I have to submit an unfinished version of a chapter. The book excerpt at the end of Dead Silent was not the beginning of Cold Kill by the time I'd finished it.
Q: There is a book in your name called Salem but it does not appear on your website.
A: Salem is a book I self-published in 2004, full of typos and grammatical errors, but it got me an agent and then a publisher. We liked the story though, so I re-wrote it, relocated it to England, and it was published as my third book, Last Rites.
Q: I loved your book In The Sanctuary of Outcasts. Can you come to our event in (insert USA destination)?
A: I only wish I'd written it. That book is by a splendid chap from Mississippi and we share a name. We were both published by HarperCollins at one point, who mixed us up too, which didn't help. I do get requests to attend author events in the USA. I may accept one day, on the condition that you pay my travel and accommodation.
Q: When is your next book due out?
A: I can't give any firm news at the moment, because I am working on something new, which I am very excited about, but I will release more details on the next book when I have something more concrete to say.
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