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"An emotionally resonant and beautifully crafted story. Left me in a weeping heap on the floor.

"Filled with emotion, Lost In Nashville is a captivating read – one that will appeal to country music fans and readers alike.”
Lisa Hall - number one bestselling author of Between You and Me

"A heart-warming, funny, emotional road trip. Neil White perfectly captures the North of England in his characters, and the Southern United States in his locations.”
Steve Cavanagh - author of acclaimed thrillers The Plea and The Defense 

"As heartbreaking and heart-warming as the very best country music – laugh, cry and sing along.”
Steph Broadribb - author of smash hit thriller Deep Down Dead




Country Music People magazine

This is not crime fiction.

My father has been a Johnny Cash fan all of his life, and to the exclusion of all other music. Every weekend, the house was filled with Johnny Cash, so I felt like I pretty much grew up to him. I have no idea how much of that has rubbed off on my writing, but I did love the prison albums, that edgy feel to the music that I didn't hear anywhere else. If anything got me into crime, it was the songs of Johnny Cash.

For my careers as a criminal lawyer and a crime fiction writer, I say thank you to Johnny Cash.

I had this notion that I wanted to travel Johnny Cash's life, to visit some of the places he sang about and where he grew up. This ended in an idea for a book. Not a travelogue and not a music memoir, but a novel about a father and son who travel Johnny's life in order to rediscover each other as much as they want to discover Johnny Cash.

The book is set out in chapters, with a song title for each one, and along the way the characters go to where Johnny was born, where he grew up, where he became famous, the location of some of his songs and a film, as well as travelling the roots of his music.

You don't have to be a Johnny Cash fan to enjoy it, although it will help. If you are a Johnny Cash fan, it's a must read. I wrote it for the sheer enjoyment of it, and I hope this comes through.

The synopsis is this:

James Gray is a lawyer and his life is a success. Or, at least he thinks it is, but it has something missing: a bond with his father, Bruce.


Bruce Gray is old, tired and estranged from his family. He spends his time drinking and drifting in the small seaside town in England that James once called home.


James decides to take Bruce on a road trip, to try to connect with his father through the one thing that has always united them: a love for Johnny Cash and his music.


Together, they travel through Johnny Cash’s life; where he grew up, the places he sang about – a journey of discovery about Johnny, the South, and each other.


Always fascinating, an evocative and emotional personal road trip, Lost In Nashville will captivate you, inform you, and along the way may even break your heart.


Lost In Nashville is available from Amazon as either an ebook or print book, or read for free if you have access to Kindle Unlimited.

If you read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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