I'm a criminal lawyer and I'm a crime fiction writer. I have published twelve thrillers so far, along with a non-crime novel, Lost In Nashville.


The first book in the latest trilogy is From The Shadows, involving defence lawyer Dan Grant and private detective Jayne Brett. The second book, The Darkness Around Her, is now available, with the final book, The Innocent Ones now released in ebook.

My previous books include the Jack Garrett series, published by HarperCollins, four of which were top twenty ebook bestsellers, with Cold Kill spending a month at number one and becoming one of the biggest selling UK ebooks of 2011. The books in the Parker brothers trilogy were published by Sphere from 2013, with the last in the series, The Domino Killer, was released in paperback on 1st December 2016.


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I am taking a break from social media, too draining of my time and spirit, so if you see a social media account that purports to be mine, it isn't. I've decided to live in the real world with real people, and I'm all the better for it.

I hope you enjoy the books, enjoy browsing the site, and thank you for your interest.



The final book in the trilogy involving Dan Grant and Jayne Brett is now out. The Innocent Ones is available in ebook, with the paperback to follow. I hope you enjoy it.

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If you fancy a break from crime and you like Johnny Cash, check out my book Lost In Nashville. It was my own labour of love. I hope you feel the same way. If you want more information on the book, go to my other site, www.johnny-cash.co.uk


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