16th July 2015


The Death Collector, published in paperback by Sphere in July 2015.

"... a clock-ticking suspense ride that will keep you up all night."

Peterborough Telegraph

2014 saw the publication of my eighth book in hardback, and the second in the trilogy involving the Parker brothers; one a detective, one a defence lawyer. It is out now in hardbook and ebook, and now the paperback is almost released. I hope you enjoy it.

One of the great pleasures in writing is receiving messages from people who have read and enjoyed the books, particularly when they live overseas. I write at the same desk that I have always used, with the same drizzly view, and so to read messages from far-flung hot places is always fun. If you live in somewhere not so hot, then drop me a line anyway. It will be good to hear from you.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy browsing the website, and if you have any queries or messages, please drop me a line by going to the Contacts page.