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Although most of my books have been part of a series, I have written two stand-alone novels. One a crime novel, and the other definitely not a thriller.

I wrote the thriller Beyond Evil after I'd finished the Jack and Laura series, and it was always intended to stand apart from the rest. It was my first foray into having a defence lawyer as the main character, although I didn't portray him in the best of light.

I was inspired to write the book after reading about Charlie Manson, the sixties cult leader and psychopath, and had the urge to write a version set in the north of England. It would never have the glamour of the California desert, but perhaps that was the point.

My second stand-alone novel was very much a labour of love, when I wrote a novel based upon the life of Johnny Cash, where a father and son journey to the USA to travel the places Johnny lived in and sang about. You don't have to be a Johnny Cash fan to enjoy it, although it would obviously help.

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