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The end of the Parker brothers trilogy gave me an idea for a new series, and it is one where I rely most heavily on my legal background.

I decided I wanted to write something much closer to a courtroom drama, involving defence lawyer Dan Grant, and my biggest influence was the US legal drama from the seventies, Petrocelli. I loved it as a kid, and I loved his investigator, the big tough guy who did the dirty stuff the lawyer didn't want to do.

I didn't want a tough guy though, because it was too much of a cliche, so I decided to use a young woman as his investigator, Jayne Brett. I wanted to have the private investigator tropes of a chaotic life, with too much drink and casual sex, but in a young woman.

The hook for the characters is that Jayne Brett was once a client of Dan's, when he secured her acquittal from a murder charge. She is forever running from her past, and Dan can never get too close. She is a former client, and how sure can he ever be that she didn't murder her last serious boyfriend.

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